Rollback XPLG Version

This procedure rollback XPLG to an earlier version without changing the configuration itself. For configuration rollback see - Rollback XPLG Configuration

XPLG version rollback procedure is simple and immediate. The rollback is an operation that returns the system an earlier version without changing anything in the configured items in it. It may be required if there was an undesired system update, regression, etc.

In order to perform a version rollback follow the steps below:

  1. Go to PORTX > System > About - Click on 'Publish Patch', select the zip file for the earlier version you would like to apply and click on 'Run'.
  2. Wait for the patch installation to complete, the system will do a restart.
  3. Next step is to check if XpoLog is using an external configuration directory. In order to check the used configuration, go to PORTX > Settings > System Settings - if there's a path configured under 'XpoLog Configuration Directory' that is the EXTERNAL_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY. If not, then go to the INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY of the software.

4. Navigate to \[EXTERNAL_CONFIGURATION_DIRECTORY]\conf\ui\strings\ OR \[INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY]\conf\ui\strings\ and open the file The content is 'build=X', please modify the build number to a lower number than the one you've just applied.

For example, if the rollback was made to version 8051 from version 8053, please change it to 'build=8050'. (8050<8051)

5. Restart all XpoLog nodes.

6. For verification, go to  PORTX > System > About and check that the current version has been changed accordingly.