XPLG Update Validation

Following an update of XPLG instance/cluster, it is recommended to follow these steps to validate the update was fully completed successfully:

  1. Phase I - Make sure the update is listed on all nodes:.
    1. Go to PortX > System > About
    2. Ensure the patch is listed. Example: 

    3. In case of a cluster (multiple XPLG instances), click the 'update patch' link and ensure all cluster nodes are listed in started mode with the version that was applied. Example:

  2. Phase II - Review System Health
    1. Go to PortX > System > System Health
    2. In the Overview page, check that each of the cluster nodes reported updated status (each nodes reports every 5 minutes, so up to 5 minutes update time is valid). The update time of each node is listed under 'Last Updated' column of each node's table. Example:
  3. Phase III - Configuration
    1. Go to PortX > Folders and Logs to validate the screen is populated.
    2. Go to PortX > AppTag to validate the screen is populated.
    3. Go to PortX > Monitors to validate the screen is populated.
  4. Phase IV - Search
    1. Open the Search console.
    2. Perform a few searches for validation the data is returned to the console as expected.
  5. Phase V - Applications
    1. Open the  Applications console.
    2. Verify that Apps are loaded and enter a few to validate up-to-date dashboards.
  6. The update is completed and verified.