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Existing customers - Upgrade/Update procedure

Upgrade Prerequisites

  • Check if there are any specific prerequisites related to the update you plan to deploy under the Release Notes section of this patch.

  • This patch requires Java 117.8. Go to the System Status Console at PORTX PortX > System > System Health and check the 'Java Version' under the 'System Information' section.

  • Ensure you have a valid V7 license. Go to PORTX PortX > Settings > License to verify. Contact us for additional information.

  • Linux: In case you are running XPLG as a service, it is recommended mandatory to follow these steps:

    • Stop XPLG services (on each server)

    • Run each XPLG process from its installation directory manually (cd INSTALL_DIR → sh start)

    • At the end of the update/validation, stop each XPLG process from its installation directory manually (cd INSTALL_DIR → sh stop)

    • Run XPLG services (on each server)

  • Load Balancer usage: In case you are using a load balancer in-front of XPLG servers, it is recommended to deploy the update by a direct browsing to one of the XPLG nodes (it has no impact which cluster node), and then publish the patch to the cluster.


Upgrade Procedure (via GUI)

  1. Download the update - XPLG Update Patch (save it - do not extract).

    1. Patch size: 202768732 214589534 bytes.

    2. Patch checksum (md5sum): b9df570c78afa71a7a0afa3912a46a05969e2acbf9acfe397897f6ec0f2d7033

  2. IMPORTANT: Before deploying the patch, make sure to review the Release Notes to ensure your XPLG environment meet the prerequisites.

  3. Open a browser to XpoLog and go to the Updates pages (PortX > System > About), click the 'publish patch', select the zip file that was downloaded at #1 and run.
    Note: if you're running a cluster, select to publish the patch to all listed nodes. 

  4. XPLG will automatically deploy the update, and restart - you should see a message indicating a successful deployment once done.

  5. Apply a valid XPLG 7 license (if upgrading from an earlier version).

  6. Verify at PortX > System > About that the update is listed and the installed version is 7.93939495
    Validation steps - XPLG Update Validation
    Note: if the patch is not listed or any other error is listed when verifying, please contact