Search Console UI options

 XpoLog Search provides a user friendly graphic user interface (GUI) with a comprehensive set of tools to search, aggregate, correlate and more the managed data.


The Search user interface includes the following main elements:





Tab Bar

Tabs for accessing PortX (Administration), APPLICATIONS (dashboards), Search and Analytics

Search Query Panel

Area for entering the search query and the time frame for running the query. 

Search panel properties:


  • The panel is resizable based on the query length

  • View of Search History, Saved Searches, Simple Search Syntax, and Complex Search Syntax.

  • Theme mode - select dark/light theme

  • </> mode - break complex query sections to different line (useful while typing long queries)

Graph Area

Displays two graphs:

  • Main graph – a graphic distribution of the events resulting from the search query over time.

  • The x-axis presents indications on the errors detected by XpoLog Analytics engine based on severity and number of occurrences (red=high, orange=medium, yellow=low / the size of the icon represents the relative number of occurrences in that time period compared to other periods)

  • Zoom-in graph – shows zoom-in area with respect to original search context.

    In addition, this panel includes the following feature:

    • Actions Items – you can perform the following actions: Save Search, Save Monitor, Save Widget, Export Result to PDF/CSV, and Share Search (generates a link that can be shared of the exact query and time which was executed or publish it to Slack, MS Teams, Pagerduty, etc. based on the available integrations configured)

    • Visualization Buttons – Clicking these buttons presents the search results in different way - line (aggregated/split per source), bar (aggregated/split) and pie charts.

Augmented Search Pane

Enables refining your simple search results. Includes the following sections:

  • Active Filters - active filters are stored and may be removed to return to a previous view.

  • Isolate Results - select source(s) in order to isolate results based on log/folder/application/server.

  • Analytics Insight - a list that centralizes all the Analytics results related to the current search results. Click a suggestion to see where it appears over time and to add it to the search query.

  • Interesting Fields - a list of logs columns which different complex functions are available on. Click a column name to see which functions may be activated on it.

Search Results Area

In the case of a simple search, displays all the events that match the search query.

In the case of a complex search, displays a summary table of the events that match the search query.

Events section options:

  • View mode - customize the view of the events (present raw data/parsed data, select view type).

  • Export event - Use the button next to the event date to copy/export specific event.

  • Mouseover / select events values from the search and click the mouse to get Search Actions on the values - add/exclude/replace the phrase from the current search.

  • Mouseover / click column name to get Search Actions on the column values - add/exclude/replace the phrase from the current search.

  • Mouseover an event to see shortcuts to dedicated view/analytics (appears while mouseover)

  • Expand events - use the button on the right side of the event’s date to expand it (use the general button next to the view modes to expand/collapse all events)