7.9495 - Release Notes


  1. It is mandatory that all XPLG instances are running on JAVA17+ and Tomcat 10+.
    How to check?
    - Open PortX > Settings > About - check if the “Installed Version” is 7.9* or later (minimum version 7.9001):

    - Open PortX > System > System Health - go to System Information section and check on all instances use JAVA 17+:

    Attention: the patch will fail to deploy if XPLG instances are running previous version.

  2. If XPLG still run a previous version, please see XPLG JAVA 17 Update or contact us at support@xplg.com for assistance.

  3. Latest patch 7.9495

Release Notes:

Security Updates

Addressing the following Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs):  
 CVE-2022-26612,CVE-2021-37404, CVE-2022-25168, CVE-2015-7501, CVE-2022-1471, CVE-2019-10173,CVE-2021-21346, CVE-2021-21347, CVE-2021-21345, CVE-2021-21342, CVE-2013-7285, CVE-2021-21350, CVE-2021-21344, CVE-2021-21351, CVE-2018-3180



  • Data Forwarding - Read More>

    • Additional flows and transformers

    • Additional targets - forward data from XPLG to files - Read More>

  • Enhancement of REST API based alert - Read More>

  • Enhancement of Kafka listener - Read More>


XpoLog Search

  • New Query builder wizard
    Enhanced menus in search console to build queries faster by the wizard

  • New Correlation Function - TRIX - Read More>
    Build transactions and analyze, monitor and report of correlated events flow.

  • Cached Saved Search - Search optimizations - Read More>
    Activate cache on selected saved searches for a faster results display on any query in XPLG

  • Search Events Results functionality - Read More>

    • Switch between Raw data view, Parsed view, table view and more.

    • Export of events to multiple formats.

    • Different display options per user profile





  • Optimizations and Bug fixes:

    • Optimization: of loading dashboards with user inputs defined

    • Optimization: search performance in queries with wild cards (*)

    • Optimization: data forwarding optimization

    • Certain scenarios where Graph in search is displayed without events

    • LogX compare function

    • Migration of saved searches to new convention

    • Saved Search security permission in search console

    • Dynamic Search widget loading issue

    • Widgets multiline text display

    • Search page progress indication

    • Search results sorting

    • Zoom in from search results

    • Forwarders permissions

    • Search table view with multiple columns

    • Refresh time of widgets display

  • Overall major performance optimizations and stability

  • System house-keeping processes optimizations

  • Major Security updates